its called “circuit training”

Caffeine intake so far today: One cup of Fair Trade Organic Extra Bold Special Blend.
Expected intake for the whole day: Hopefully just that one cup. Aiming for a bottle of water next. Wish me luck.

My roommate, my old roommate, and I went to work out at the FitNest last night. Don’t ever work out at the FitNest at 9:50 pm if you’re as anti-social as I am. There were so many people there. My roomie and I wanted to get two machines next to each other…very difficult. We started on the two really snazzy bikes that have a video screen that plays random trail video, but hers wasn’t working. So that was shortlived. Then we tried to find two elliptical machines or two treadmills next to each other: no such luck. So we decided to head over to the mats and do abs until two machines opened up. Haha.

After we both decided we’d had enough abs, we headed back over to the cardio side. Still no two elliptical machines open next to each other. So we got on these other stationary bikes that were not nearly as cool as the first ones we’d tried. Both of us were not really feeling the bikes when we saw this guy on an elliptical slowing down…and the machine next to him was open. After some frantic hand signals and removing of iPod earbuds, we agreed to pounce as soon as he’d walked away. Mind you, we’d been on the exercise bikes about two minutes.

“We look like those people who don’t know how to workout!” She laments to me as we jump on the elliptical machines.

“No, Betsy, its called circuit training.”