Nature Never Did Betray

I can finally post this, since it has been shipped off and received by my dear friend Anne. And only about a week after her birthday! (Last year I gave her her bday present at Christmas because I kept forgetting to mail it….her birthday is mid-August. Ooops!)

Anne is my oldest friend, and up until about our junior year of college, we always celebrated our birthdays together (they are 4 days apart). She lives about 980 miles away now, so we couldn’t celebrate together, but I wanted to send her something special.

I used the same technique as in my bathroom wall art diy, but I think I figured out why that one came out so crackly. It’s the white paint. I was originally going to do this one white, as well, but since Anne’s room is decorated in light blues and lavenders, I added some blue paint (a different brand) to the white and suddenly – no more crackles! So, I’m guessing the white acrylic that I bought was just lower quality.

A little background into this piece. Anne’s favorite poem is Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbeyby William Wordsworth. It’s long and complex and I had to read it like 3 times before distilling the meaning enough to pick out a short phrase for the poster. But I did. Anne and I were both in honors English in high school, so I wasn’t really surprised that her favorite poem would be something so intellectual ha.

In case anyone wants to know, my favorite poem is The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe. Nevermore!