Folded up in Nature

It’s 85 degrees, sunny, and humid in Omaha today. So I thought, “Hey, today would be a great day for a hike!”

My brilliance amazes even me sometimes. But I was bored and had no plans for July 4th. I haven’t really been working out (thanks to a busy schedule + mono), but I figured I could handle a “nature trail.” Erin and I had talked about going to Schramm Park last summer, but never made it there. Today I decided I would make it there. And I did (thanks Google Maps!).

The very nice park worker at the Aksarben Aquarium gave me a map of the trails and suggested a route for me. It took me through the woods, up and down a little bit, and across three bridges over a creek. I love woods, bridges, and creeks, so it was basically awesome. In the shade of the trees the sun wasn’t so hot and I remembered to wear bug spray today, so that worked out well for me. It wasn’t a very long hike, maybe 2.5 miles, but it was peaceful and refreshing.

I love that moment when you’re deep enough into the trail that you can’t hear traffic anymore, when there’s no one else on the path and you just feel folded up in nature…absolutely enveloped by it.

Meditation Shelter

I discovered this on the trail. Almost every state park trail has benches sprinkled along the way for people to rest, but meditation shelters? That’s a new one. I thought it was pretty cool.