Horizontal Scrolling Websites

So, for my web design project, I decided I wanted to be different and create a layout that scrolls horizontally, instead of vertically like most websites.  I’m kind of regretting now as I’m having a little trouble, but I’ll figure it out in the end.   (I just had to be different, didn’t I?  I blame my need to stand out on a lifetime of matchy-matchy plaid uniformity in catholic school uniforms that left me with an inherent distate of conformity to the standard [and knowledge of the serenity prayer by rote]).

My original inspiration for the horizontal layout idea was this design from CSS Zen Garden: pret a porter.

Whilst googling and trying to figure out how to layout my site, I found a couple nifty sites that index other horizontal layout sites, which gave me some ideas for mine.

The Horizontal Way

CSS Leak

Sometimes when I’m bored I just look at pretty websites. I am a dork, I admit it. While browsing the horizontal layout pages indexed in the above sites, I came across this one, which just makes me nauseous as I click through…gelisiguzel (art portolio). Ugh.