So I’ve been home for a couple weeks, and back to Omaha to move into my new apartment. Seen a couple friends and waiting eagerly for more friends to get back in town. Missing my CU friends and boy…

Still looking for a job and still not tan.

But I had some GOOD ribs today the Great American Rib Cook Off downtown. And I love me some ribs. We tried the Jack on the Bone stand. They use Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey in their sauce. It was delicious.

I also got my picture taken with C-3PO and a stormtrooper. Why yes, I am a dork. 🙂

Anyone in Cleveland need a pet-sitter?

Summer, I want you!

My summer is a big black question mark.  But I just can’t wait for it to be warm again.

I wrote my resumé today.  And now I will try to find a summer job/internship.  Preferably something that pays.  Becaue I’m a poor college student, yes yes.

Tomorrow I get to play with the pretty computers in the video lab…I love those so much. ❤

These are my skills:

Adobe software, Microsoft word and powerpoint, petsitting, photography, writing, nail painting, random knowledge of country music..

Please hire me.  Thanks.