DIY Glitter Keys

Here’s a fun little DIY craft that’s super simple. Glitter keys. It’s been all over Pinterest, so I’m not going to bother linking to a source, because there’s a million.

glittery keys

Ironically, my mom actually suggested I do this. And I’m pretty sure she’s never been on Pinterest.

I used Milani “Gold Glitz” glitter nail polish to do the gold, and then applied clear coat to (hopefully) preserve it. The teal one is Essie “Trophy Wife” with Milani Jewel FX polish in teal over it.

glittery keys

I used to have really adorable owl key caps in different colors, but after two years of use at my old apartment, they were pretty worn out, so I reluctantly retired them. Enter new apartment, shiny new keys that looked exactly the same.  Nail polish to the rescue!