New Apartment: First Glimpse

Everyone can breathe easy, this will not be another post detailing my lack of closet space. But it is about my new apartment!

Here, in all its square, tiny instagrammed glory is my living room!

living room instagram










I am pretty sure I broke most of these rug rules, but area rugs are expensive and I’m young and transitory and not quite ready to invest in rugs. However, I carefully cropped this photo so that you can’t tell I broke all the rug rules! Yay instagram 🙂

Shall we play “Something Old, Something New?” (It’s a new game I just invented for my own entertainment.)

Something Old*

  • Couch
  • Coffee Table
  • Papazan Chair
  • Cube Shelves
  • Lamp
  • Solid Curtains

Something New

  • Rug
  • Desk
  • Ikat curtains

Something Old & New (a bonus round!)

  • The chair in front of the desk is actually the 4th chair to my dining room table (pushed up against 1 wall because I never have people over for formal dinners), and it is “slip-covered” in my old shower curtain. At some point, I intend to buy cute fabric and make a more legitimate slipcover, but I’m actually really liking the look of this right now. So, not a new piece of furniture, but a new use for some old pieces.

Most of the decorative accent piece type stuff I already had, too. After packing it all, moving it here, and unpacking everything, I’ve come to realize I’m a total hoarder and I need to stop buying decorative things. Especially since there are many more cities I want to live in, and therefore, many more moves ahead of me.

What’s the SassCat’s verdict on the rug?

cat on rug










Something new to shed on…purrrfect.”

I have some craft projects in mind for some new wall decor, so stay tuned!

*By old I just mean, owned prior to this apartment.

Reality Check 101

“Would you like anything? A glass of wine?”

That’s what my former history of journalism professor was asking me tonight, at her house. This was something I’d never imagined happening. But it’s true what everyone says – and I’ve said it plenty of times myself – the journalism department at Creighton is like a family.

I was recently invited to speak tonight at an informal gathering of journalism seniors. The theme was “Reality Check 101” and the focus was life after graduation – not so much the finding a job part, but the other things like managing your finances, your social life, and everything else you’re not prepared for.

At first, I didn’t want to go. I thought, “What advice could I possibly give them? I so DON’T have it together. I’m always stressed about my finances, I don’t want to tell them other than ‘bills suck!'” But my professor called me at my office (here’s some advice: don’t stay in the city you went to school in – they will always be able to find you!), and asked me to come. I couldn’t say no.

Turns out, I’m glad I went.

It was wonderful to see other people from my graduating class and realize they’re experiencing exactly what I’m experiencing. And I actually did have a few pieces of advice to give! For instance, when you settle down in a new city, find a regular doctor and establish a relationship with them…BEFORE you think you’ll need it. When my car was rear-ended and I needed to see a doctor to have a record of my whiplash injuries for the insurance company, I had no idea where to go. It would have been so much easier if I’d already found a doctor in Omaha that I liked and trusted.

And, I think I actually inspired a girl from my graduating class when I talked about my zumba and ballet classes. She said she’d been looking for a place to take classes, so I gave her the name of my studio. It was cool to be able to share stuff like that.