Bookshelf caves: The new Blanket-and-chair Tent

Reviewing my class syllabus, I noted that I am supposed to make some of these posts about “design” and “convergence.” So my best friend Google and I had some bonding time today and I found some sweet links to share.

The first is the Bookshelf Cave. Now, its pretty pricey, but I guess you have to pay to be able to have the privacy this bookshelf/chair claims to award you. Basically, I want one. Not because I think that “In urban life, there seems to be a common understanding that people tend to consciously or subconsciously become wary of strangers surrounding them,” as the designer claims, but mostly because I think it would be freaking cool to sit in the bookshelf while you read.

The designer, Sakura Adachi makes one for pets, too, in case you were wondering.

I realize that has nothing to do with news media and mass communication design, but I found links to that crazy bookcase on several different blogs, so doesn’t that kind of speak to the spread of information across the web and, dare I say it, convergence? Because if I was listening correctly in one of my three classes in room 204, “it all comes down to the web.”


I’m pretty sure I spend way more time online than I should. ┬áBut while I’m not doing my homework or calling my mother back like I said I would, I find some pretty cool sites.

I’ve been totally addicted to Threadless for quite a while now. My roommate probably thinks I like it because it facilitates my online shopping addiction. Which might be true. But its also is a really cool site based on community participation and design. Members submit and vote on designs, and each week winning designs are printed as tee-shirts.

One of this weeks shirts that I’m currently lusting after:


One site that I don’t like is myspace. I’ve never had a myspace, nor do I ever plan on getting one. I know Facebook, which I have, is a lot like myspace, but I like the clean design of Facebook better. And I feel like its easier to know who you’re really talking to when you’re on Facebook, although you still come across creepers sometimes. But that’s the internet. Gloriously anonymous if you want it to be, and gloriously easy to be creepy.

This post was way longer than I intended.

My Grandfather’s Name is Wally. This Post is About Wallpaper.

So when I’m at work and there’s nothing to do, I like to change the desktop wallpaper on the computer and then see how long the other employees leave that wallpaper on the computer. Its a game. They just don’t know we’re playing it.

While browsing for some appropriately winter-y themed wallpapers, I came across this blog: Wallpaperblog. How sweet is that? This random person just posts their photographs as wallpapers for other people. Nifty, right?

I may be more excited about this than necessary, but very little is happening at work right now.