Who Doesn’t Like Extra Credit?

And this blog post will be about J-Schools Play Catchup from the New York Times.

Essentially, the article is about how journalism departments are changing to adapt to the way journalism is changing in the face of the rising web presence today. And fittingly enough, I read this article online, instead of in a newspaper. Which is a nice real life example of how the web is changing journalism.

It seems like the main change going through the journalism schools mentioned is that they are broadening their subject matter. Journalism students are learning more about the web, learning more about video, gaining more skills. “All media becomes one,” says Jeff Jarvis. And it does. Everything ends up on the web, where everyone can find it. And with that, journalism is becoming more universal.

athletic headshots

Creighton Basketball is pretty much the only sport I follow. So when our last Mass Comm project was making headshots for a Creighton sport of our choice, we all know what sport I picked. GOLF! Haha, just kidding. Basketball, of course.


Hello gorgeous. If you want to scroll through the rest of the headshots I made, you can check out my Mass Comm page, here. Right now the headshots are the only things up there, but the page will be updated as we continue with other class projects.

And I might be posting some works in progress screenshots of my computer illustration project soon, so keep an eye out for that!