today, I am exuberant

Its just so gorgeous out that I simply can’t get over it!

My art history midterm went well (first one done whoot!) so I’m happy with that.  I just finished revising my theology paper for tomorrow morning and am letting out a breath.  I have critique tomorrow for computer illustration (and I’m worrying that my piece isn’t complicated enough and so depending on how anxious I get I may create a completely new one by tomorrow night).  Friday I have a mass comm quiz and a poster due.  I might post a thumbnail of the poster up when I’m done with it.

And oh my goodness I need to pack because I’m going to CHICAGO!  And then I’m going HOME!

Deep breath of sunny, crisp, 45 degrees F air!  I’m just so chipper right now! 😀

I also painted my fingernails “Marine Scene” blue, which is bright and shimmery and adding to the overall fabulousness of today!

One, Two, Three, Midterms!

My first midterm is today, at 9:30 am central time, to be exact.  I’ll be starting off my midterms in a very holy fashion, with Theology 335 first in line.  And then it is Web Design, Art History (god save me), Computer Illustration, and finally Mass Comm, which I’m not sure can even count as a midterm (yay for quizzes! [I shouldn’t write that in this blog, Angie will change it to a real midterm ha, but hopefully not until next semester when I won’t be in the class anymore!]).

My midterm motto this semester, thanks to, is “That which does not kill me only postpones the inevitable.”

Okay, its not that bad. 😛 actually makes me laugh, kind of…


I know a girl who remembers to water her plant every week by watering it on “Thirsty Thursdays!”  Cute, right?

Today, I wrote a four page paper.   Almost all in one sitting.  I feel pretty productive.  There were a lot of facebook message breaks, but my attention span is only so long.

Midterms are next week and the stress is starting to sneak up on me but so far I’m just pretending it doesn’t exist and focusing on one thing at a time.  Occassionally I twitch.  That’s the stress making itself known.  Just kidding; I don’t twitch.

We are now into Lent, which means…I have given up pop, cookies, and ice cream.  Loophole:  Sherbet is not ice cream, because its not made with milk.  How lawyerly of me.  Of course, its not like they serve sherbet on campus.  I have also, in the interest of social justice, signed up to volunteer at some workshop for kids.  Of course, its not till after Easter, but its the thought that counts, right?  Because Lent should be about more than just giving stuff up.

Things I need to do:

  • web design project
  • study for art history midterm-flashcards and prepare for essays
  • prepare for theology midterm
  • computer illustration manipulation (almost done, unless I scratch it and start over a third time)
  • mass comm project I think will be assigned tomorrow
  • yearbook stuff
  • call brother

Okay, looking at that list makes me stressed!