today, I am exuberant

Its just so gorgeous out that I simply can’t get over it!

My art history midterm went well (first one done whoot!) so I’m happy with that.  I just finished revising my theology paper for tomorrow morning and am letting out a breath.  I have critique tomorrow for computer illustration (and I’m worrying that my piece isn’t complicated enough and so depending on how anxious I get I may create a completely new one by tomorrow night).  Friday I have a mass comm quiz and a poster due.  I might post a thumbnail of the poster up when I’m done with it.

And oh my goodness I need to pack because I’m going to CHICAGO!  And then I’m going HOME!

Deep breath of sunny, crisp, 45 degrees F air!  I’m just so chipper right now! 😀

I also painted my fingernails “Marine Scene” blue, which is bright and shimmery and adding to the overall fabulousness of today!