google isn’t my sugar daddy, what???

So today I read a very interesting article about how newspapers are trying to get Google to pay them for using their headlines in GoogleNews.  Now, besides the fact that I didn’t even know GoogleNews existed…isn’t news supposed to be free?  You can’t copyright something like Obama being inaugurated.  Sorry, it happened and everyone’s going to talk about it and they aren’t going to pay you because you posted an article about it online first.  And if Google is linking to your site anyway, shouldn’t you be happy?  They’re giving you more traffic…

Here’s the article, its much more well-written than my musings:  google is not your sugar daddy

citizen journalism

Aaaand today I will be blogging about this article: social networking sites share breaking news because Angie said I have to. 😛 Its for Mass Comm Tech class.

Basically, the article is about how facebook and twitter enable people to post or read news updates before the big news groups can get that news out there. Examples include photos of the plane landing in the Hudson River or the earthquake in Southern California last summer.

After reading this article, I’ve decided that my new goal is to be one of those people who takes a picture of some breaking news and gets it online before the major news coorporations (and then subsequently causes the image-hosting server to crash due to too many pageviews, haha). Pretty much I’m just going to start lurking around places where I think breaking news might well, break.

If I were a journalism major, I think I might be a little concerned by how this might affect the future of journalism. I don’t think it will eliminate the need for cnn and newspapers, but I think it does require some cognizance of the changing modes of communication. Interestingly enough, some papers are already pursuing these different forms of news reporting, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, which has its own Twitter account. I think that’s really cool.