Belated travel documentation

I’ve been slacking. This blog is supposed to be about my trips, the trials and tribulations of figuring out where I want to end up, and life in general. Instead…well, I just haven’t posted. So here’s a little catch-up post.

August – I visited Erin in Colorado. It was awesome.

September – Becca and I went to see Betsy at the South Dakota State fair. It was awesome.

Okay, done!

Just kidding.

When I visited in August, Erin and Matt took me on a lovely hike (see photo above). The weather was gorgeous – sunny but not too hot, and the mountains were rocky, as mountains should be. It felt to me like it had been forever since Erin and I had hung out (a mere two months, in actuality), so seeing her was a high point. Erin came to visit me in Omaha this month (she drew the short straw in destinations, right?), and it was just like old times.











We found an O! that we hadn’t found last summer on our quest and some refrigerator art from the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD). It’s part of their refrigerator recycling program and designed to promote energy efficiency awareness.

While at the South Dakota State Fair, Becca and I were lucky enough to taste the culinary delicacy that is…deep-fat-fried Nutter Butter.



Try to contain your jealousy. Actually, it was pretty delicious. I would rank it above the deep-fat-fried s’mores and milky ways.

What a like most about the fair (besides seeing Betsy and her family), is what a complete break from reality it is. For the weekend I barely check my phone, I don’t check my email, or Facebook, or Twitter and I just focus on the moment. You can be anyone at the fair, because no one knows you (last year we convinced some guy my name was Payton), and you can eat whatever you want, do whatever you want. Plus, there are tons of baby animals to “oooooh” over.


Folded up in Nature

It’s 85 degrees, sunny, and humid in Omaha today. So I thought, “Hey, today would be a great day for a hike!”

My brilliance amazes even me sometimes. But I was bored and had no plans for July 4th. I haven’t really been working out (thanks to a busy schedule + mono), but I figured I could handle a “nature trail.” Erin and I had talked about going to Schramm Park last summer, but never made it there. Today I decided I would make it there. And I did (thanks Google Maps!).

The very nice park worker at the Aksarben Aquarium gave me a map of the trails and suggested a route for me. It took me through the woods, up and down a little bit, and across three bridges over a creek. I love woods, bridges, and creeks, so it was basically awesome. In the shade of the trees the sun wasn’t so hot and I remembered to wear bug spray today, so that worked out well for me. It wasn’t a very long hike, maybe 2.5 miles, but it was peaceful and refreshing.

I love that moment when you’re deep enough into the trail that you can’t hear traffic anymore, when there’s no one else on the path and you just feel folded up in nature…absolutely enveloped by it.

Meditation Shelter

I discovered this on the trail. Almost every state park trail has benches sprinkled along the way for people to rest, but meditation shelters? That’s a new one. I thought it was pretty cool.

dance studio life

The other day I was at the Omaha Academy of Ballet, shooting b-roll for an interview that I’m doing on one of the teachers there for my digital video class.  The class I ended up filming during was a ballet class of older girls, preparing for their recital in June.

I’ve never been to the Academy, I’ve never taken classes there, I don’t know any of the students, I only know a couple of teachers through the dance program at Creighton, but when I was there, I felt instantly comfortable.  There was just something so familiar, despite the fact that I’d never once stepped foot in that space before.  It reminded me so much of my dance studio at home.  You can change the people and the place, but you can’t change that certain quality of a dance studio.

The girls chatting before class, as they’re tying up their toe shoe ribbons, the leotards and tights, moms waiting to pick up their little ballerinas…those things were such a huge part of my life until I graduated high school and moved away from my studio to come to Creighton.  It all instantly came back to me the moment I entered the Omaha Academy of Ballet.  Dance is its own special world, and I kind of left that when I stopped going to my studio regularly, but being at the Academy put me right back in that world.  It was just really amazing how at home I felt in this place I’d never even been before.

I live in Omaha

This is my favorite post from the IliveinOmaha site:
I live in Omaha because there are a lot of desserts and chocolates around.

Why do I live in Omaha?  Because that’s where Creighton is, duh!  And you know what, its starting to grow on me.

Things I like about Omaha:
1.  The Zoo!
2.  Walking across the pedestrian bridge.
3.  The people.
4.  The million trillion restaurant choices!
5.  Coffee shops.  The Old Market in general.
6.  Ted n’ Wally’s