Inspired by Etsy (& lots of owls)

I love throw pillows and decorative vases. There, I said it.

My friend and I went to this huge, local furniture/home decor store one time and I was totally going crazy over all the decorative vases and throw pillows and ADORABLE THINGS I COULD DECORATE WITH. That was the day Erin discovered my previously well-hidden obsession with coffee table styling and pillows. We’re still friends, so I guess it didn’t freak her out too much. But I’m pretty sure her exact words were “I never knew you were so into vases…” and then she trailed off into silence.

I want this throw pillow from Etsy. I do, I do.


It would match the owl art in my bedroom and it’s just adorable. But wait…

It costs $50.

For a pillow cover. That you have to buy a pillow form for.

It’s just felt, people!

I’ll be adding that to my list of future DIYs. Seriously. If I had the right felt colors I could make that right now.

I’m also loving this series of owl teacups.


Cute, right? I don’t drink tea, though. So I’m having an easier time telling myself I don’t need those.

But they’d made a fun DIY! And I know just how to do it, thanks to this “custom dinnerware” post on the  A Brooklyn Limestone blog! The blogger over there (fail on me, I don’t know what her name is!) made these custom plates for an Edgar Allen Poe “The Raven” themed dinner party (which I think is a wonderfully eerie idea – I love that poem, ps).Image

So I’m thinking that I need to hit up Goodwill or the Dollar Store or someplace and procure some mugs or plates to customize.

Truth be told…I don’t need any more mugs or plates. HOWEVER, I think these could make great gifts.

One of my old roommates is getting married this summer. How cool would it be if, while everyone was in town for her bachelorette, I got everyone to sign a big serving platter with their names and some well wishes and then gave it to her as a wedding present? Or maybe a mug from everyone with a quote saying/advice?

Okay, the idea may need some more thought, but I think I’m on to something.