End Table in Progress

Sigh. Turns out painting an end table is a bit more work than I expected. Here’s the table in all its pre-painted glory.

I did a quick once-over with some fine grit sandpaper and then primed the table today.

I felt pretty relieved after I primed it. I had been having last minute second thoughts of “Oh no, what am I doing? Am I about to ruin this end table? It has such good bones.” But priming it allowed me to visualize what it will look like once I paint it white. I think it will be cute.

So the plan is white with a green top, green dip-dyed legs (who knew that was coming? lol), and the inside of the drawer will be green. Theoretically, the green will match the curtains in my bedroom, but….

You guys, I just don’t know about that shade of green. I matched the paint chip to my curtains…but this seems so…fluorescent? neon?

I’m hoping once I paint the rest white and put it in my room it will look right.

My next project

Hey beautiful.


No, SassCat, not you. My new old endtable.

This baby and its cute spindly legs are in for a refinishing.

I got it off Craigslist (it’s made by Drexel, for all you furniture buffs) and am super excited for a non rainy day to start priming.

Until then, it remains the SassCat’s new favorite napping spot.

Anyone else have a furniture rehab in the works?