True Life: I’m a Compulsive Re-decorator

My apartment is a constant work in progress. There’s always something I want to change, rearrange, or redo. This is hard because in a 1 bedroom apartment, there is only so much space to redecorate/rearrange.

But I do it anyway.

  • I switch out decorative vases (and by “decorative vases,” I often mean empty alcohol bottles with pretty labels. Hey, I’m twenty-something, what can I say?!).
  • I move the couch. I move the couch back.
  • I take throw pillows from the living room and put them in the bedroom.
  • I use a duvet cover as a couch cover.
  • For about two weeks I experimented with hanging a curtain as a faux headboard (it didn’t last and that curtain became a pseudo valance for the curtains in the bedroom).

So clearly, in addition to being a compulsive re-decorator, I’m also a bit of diy decorator.

I’m confessing this to you, Internet, because there are going to be some crafty/decorating posts coming soon.

Sorry in advance for adding to the millions of blog posts about home decor that already exist. Would you rather I add to the glut of cat videos on the Internet? Because I can do that! Ha.

I know there’s got to be others like me out there, compulsive re-decorators. And I want to say, I think it’s okay. It’s okay that we can’t decide where that ottoman looks best. It’s okay that we’re convinced there’s always something that would look cuter on that shelf. Embrace the possibilities. Embrace the thrill of flopping down on your couch after a day of rearranging and feeling the satisfaction of knowing you created something that looks and feels good. Something that makes you happy (even if it only stays like that for a few weeks!).