Belated travel documentation

I’ve been slacking. This blog is supposed to be about my trips, the trials and tribulations of figuring out where I want to end up, and life in general. Instead…well, I just haven’t posted. So here’s a little catch-up post.

August – I visited Erin in Colorado. It was awesome.

September – Becca and I went to see Betsy at the South Dakota State fair. It was awesome.

Okay, done!

Just kidding.

When I visited in August, Erin and Matt took me on a lovely hike (see photo above). The weather was gorgeous – sunny but not too hot, and the mountains were rocky, as mountains should be. It felt to me like it had been forever since Erin and I had hung out (a mere two months, in actuality), so seeing her was a high point. Erin came to visit me in Omaha this month (she drew the short straw in destinations, right?), and it was just like old times.











We found an O! that we hadn’t found last summer on our quest and some refrigerator art from the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD). It’s part of their refrigerator recycling program and designed to promote energy efficiency awareness.

While at the South Dakota State Fair, Becca and I were lucky enough to taste the culinary delicacy that is…deep-fat-fried Nutter Butter.



Try to contain your jealousy. Actually, it was pretty delicious. I would rank it above the deep-fat-fried s’mores and milky ways.

What a like most about the fair (besides seeing Betsy and her family), is what a complete break from reality it is. For the weekend I barely check my phone, I don’t check my email, or Facebook, or Twitter and I just focus on the moment. You can be anyone at the fair, because no one knows you (last year we convinced some guy my name was Payton), and you can eat whatever you want, do whatever you want. Plus, there are tons of baby animals to “oooooh” over.