dance studio life

The other day I was at the Omaha Academy of Ballet, shooting b-roll for an interview that I’m doing on one of the teachers there for my digital video class.  The class I ended up filming during was a ballet class of older girls, preparing for their recital in June.

I’ve never been to the Academy, I’ve never taken classes there, I don’t know any of the students, I only know a couple of teachers through the dance program at Creighton, but when I was there, I felt instantly comfortable.  There was just something so familiar, despite the fact that I’d never once stepped foot in that space before.  It reminded me so much of my dance studio at home.  You can change the people and the place, but you can’t change that certain quality of a dance studio.

The girls chatting before class, as they’re tying up their toe shoe ribbons, the leotards and tights, moms waiting to pick up their little ballerinas…those things were such a huge part of my life until I graduated high school and moved away from my studio to come to Creighton.  It all instantly came back to me the moment I entered the Omaha Academy of Ballet.  Dance is its own special world, and I kind of left that when I stopped going to my studio regularly, but being at the Academy put me right back in that world.  It was just really amazing how at home I felt in this place I’d never even been before.

Why I Fail at Mario Kart

Behold, the one and only video game my parents ever bought me.  My Dad would like to spin this into a positive and claim my lack of mind-sucking video games as a child is a factor in my current attendance at Creighton University.  Maybe so.  I won’t debate it here, he’s probably right.  I just find this all so very amusing. 🙂