Horizontal Scrolling Websites

So, for my web design project, I decided I wanted to be different and create a layout that scrolls horizontally, instead of vertically like most websites.  I’m kind of regretting now as I’m having a little trouble, but I’ll figure it out in the end.   (I just had to be different, didn’t I?  I blame my need to stand out on a lifetime of matchy-matchy plaid uniformity in catholic school uniforms that left me with an inherent distate of conformity to the standard [and knowledge of the serenity prayer by rote]).

My original inspiration for the horizontal layout idea was this design from CSS Zen Garden: pret a porter.

Whilst googling and trying to figure out how to layout my site, I found a couple nifty sites that index other horizontal layout sites, which gave me some ideas for mine.

The Horizontal Way

CSS Leak

Sometimes when I’m bored I just look at pretty websites. I am a dork, I admit it. While browsing the horizontal layout pages indexed in the above sites, I came across this one, which just makes me nauseous as I click through…gelisiguzel (art portolio). Ugh.


So, last night as I was very slowly and disinterestedly reading about the theory of Formalism in my The Critical Tradition textbook, I had a sudden craving for a quesadilla from the Willoughby Brewing Company. For those who don’t know, which is probably most people reading this, the Willoughby Brewing Company is an awesome restaurant/bar/microbrewery in Northeast Ohio. I used to line dance there on Sunday nights until they stopped having country nights, which was a rather devastating blow to my soul. (Digression, if anyone knows of any good line dancing places in Omaha that an underage girl can get into, Please with a capital P and an exclamation mark let me know). When my dancing feet needed a break, I would order a chicken quesadilla and some water. All around, just an awesome time.

Since this blog is technically for Mass Communication Technology Class, I’m going to link to the Willoughby Brewing Company’s website, which, the last time I looked at it, was fairly hideous. And then for some compare and contrast fun, I’m going to link to Omaha’s Upstream Brewing Company’s website, which is very nice.

Without further ado, WBC and Upstream. Tacky vs. Classy.