Winter White Peacock Wreath DIY

Is it weird that wreath-making is something I look forward to? I’ve been itching to make a new wreath for a while. I have a fall wreath, a spring/summer wreath, and I had an evergreen wreath (given to me, not made) that was up for Christmas. Well, Christmas is over, and after using the evergreen wreath for two Christmas seasons in a row (something you’re apparently not supposed to do with fresh evergreen??? It was kind of faded haha), it was time for a new wreath.

Also, I’m convinced my neighbors down the hall are trying to copy/one up my door decorating. That’s a post for another day, but I think by now we’ve all realized I get a little competitive about domestic things. Blame it on my total lack of interest in sports. So I had to make a new wreath that they wouldn’t be able to copy.

isteph215.wordpress peacock wreath

Boom. Winter peacock wreath.

I wanted something with a lot of white, silver, and glitter. Because those things are wintery to me, and this wreath will be up until I hang my spring/summer wreath. I was brainstorming via Pinterest and decided that I really liked a blue/white combo for winter. So I perused my current craft supplies, and I had a bunch of mini glittery ornaments. I picked out the blue and green ones and from there it was an easy leap to peacock. Easy leap for me, maybe no one else thinks blue + green = peacock!

I was so excited to make my wreath that I forgot to take pictures of the process (SORRY!!!), but the rest of the supplies came from Micheal’s craft store. I lucked out and a ton of the glittery things – including that awesome peacock bird and the feather – were on clearance.

Essentially, it’s one of those twig/grapevines wreath forms with a ton of white feathers inserted into the twigs, some silver ribbon wrapped around that, and some glittery silver floral pieces. I hot glued the floral pieces, the bird, and the small ornaments on.

Total cost of my wreath: Under $20.

Let’s take a closer look. I know you’re all dying to check out that bird.

peacock wreath closeup isteph215.wordpress

And the feather on the side.

peacock wreath feather closeup

Dear neighbors, let’s see you try to copy this wreath.

❤ Steph